Emerge BI
"Emerge from your Data Fog with Business Intelligence"


Comprehensive Reporting, Analysis, and Analytics Suite

Available for Windows, iOS and your mobile device. Real-time, secure, customizable, accessible and consumable business intelligence.

Robust Operational Reporting

All-Inclusive reporting tracks progress against targets on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. Your reporting data is secure, always available and renders on your mobile device. Furthermore, you can export your data and drill down for closer inspection.

Precision Dashboards

Wouldn't it be great if all your systems collecting data could “talk” to each other? Now they can! Our real-time dashboards allow you to see the stories your data is telling and convert them into actionable insight. Our solution provides a holistic view into your entire organization and enable performance checks along with discovering new opportunities and potential challenges. You gain the ability to leverage key metrics and actively monitor your business across all departments in a single view.

Advanced Analytics

Searching for signals and gaining insights from a veritable sea of information is yet another powerful tool we provide our clients. You can predict outcomes for your business and become more effective with everything from marketing to sales to business operations. Finding these patterns will help your business understand more about your market and how you can maximize opportunities and limit pitfalls.

Our Focus

Our solutions provide value to a wide swath of companies across many verticals. Regardless the size of your company or the industry you operating within, we can partner with you to provide the reporting, dashboards and analytics necessary to compete in an ever-changing world.

Simple Pricing Model

  • Startup Fee

    Our clients need to experience value from our solutions quickly. Thus, we deliver early in the engagement and allow clients to pay for the solutions over time just like a mortgage. This startup fee allows our teams to begin providing valuable insight to you almost immediately by merging your data sources and customizing your reporting and dashboards.

  • Monthly Service Fee

    This fee allows for continued development of features and functionality, recurring meetings and access to our solutions. The monthly fee varies based on scope and duration.

  • Flexible Contract Terms

    Clients can select the term of their contract from several options making business intelligence and analytics as consumable as possible. Whether your business has more operating expense room or capital expense budget, we can work to tailor the right agreement.

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